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It is our priority to deliver nurturing, intuitive, and always a relaxing experience the moment you step in.  Each facial hour session includes consultation, cleanse & exfoliation, cocktail blend of moisture oils, serums, botanical extracts and minerals, and masks customized to your specific needs.

Skincare Service

Lucent Customized Facial  $175    60 min

This is the go-to facial as it is carefully crafted to address the changing conditions of your skin. Includes skin analysis, extractions and high frequency if necessary, fruit based enzyme, hand mixed mask, along with ultrasonic vibrations micro massage to strengthen the skin tissue metabolism resulting in smoother skin, increase blood circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, soften fine lines, and enhance product penetration.  Follow with neck and shoulder tension release massage, nourishing moisture and daily sun protection.

Holistic Vibrancy Facial $215           60-75min          

Experience the potency and power of phytonutrients in their organic whole plant form featuring the LAUREL Skin line, slow farmed skincare.  Clear and decongest by reducing inflammation, diversifying the microbiome, and enhancing the lymphatic flow. Ideal for most skin types.  Manual lymphatic drainage and/or gua sha when appropriate with primary focus on reducing stagnation, restoring, and aging vibrantly.

AquaPeel  $220                                     60-75min

Deep cleanse with gentle skin resurfacing modality utilizing aqua peel dermabrasion; painless suction along with customized enzyme and/or peel solution blended towards skin condition. Skin will be infused with antioxidant and peptides revealing a healthy glow and deeper hydration.


Lucent Microcurrent Lift  $240         75 min

Microcurrent device is a non invasive lift treatment that provides mild electric impulses to stimulate production of collogen, and increase numbers of elastin fibers in the skin. Aids in improvement in skin tone, instant lift, and elasticity is dramatically improved. Includes ultrasonic and fruit enzyme if appropriate for your skin condition.

Lucent Back Treatment   $175           45 min

Designed to cleanse and tone this hard to reach area while you enjoy a soothing neck and shoulder massage.

Smart Bio Peel   $225                          60-75min


Unlike other peels that only work on the surface, this innovative acid free peel stimulates healthy cell formation utilizing active organic ingredients to trigger the exfoliation process from within. The result: immediate renewed complexion, dilated pores minimized, reduces appearance of sun damage and scars, deeply purifying and rejecting impurities that smother the skin.



LED Light Therapy  $55

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is a safe and effective light technology to alleviate signs of aging, stimulates collagen production, smooths fine lines, promotes cell turnover & healing, and calms irritated skin. 


Eye Microcurrent Contour  $60

Tighten and firm up eye area. Please book in advance as it takes more time. 

Gua Sha $35

Gentle technique combining eastern traditonal and western lymphatic detoxification. Each gentle glide helps break up the fascia to improve circulation, reduce swelling and inflamation, and improve complexion.

Aha/Bha/Pha/Vitamin C Peel  $35

Lash Lifts and Tinting

Brow Tint  $40

Lash Tint $45

Lash Lift $95

Lash Lift with Tint  $115

Brow Maintenance  $35

Brow Shape  $40 

Lip Wax $20

Half Leg Wax $50

Full Leg Wax  $75

Back Wax $60

Half Arm Wax  $40

Full Arm Wax  $50

Underarm Wax $35

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